Hire us to help you find your next home, and we’ll PAY you to do it. You get the services of a veteran Broker with over 44 years of experience, not just a salesman/agent who will represent YOU and not the SELLER. You need my expertise in contract negotiation, and you will, also, be compensated for using us. We should receive the selling commission from the SELLER that is offered in the MLS. We will, with the approval of your loan officer, rebate to you a sizable amount of money that you can use for closing costs, reduce the price of the property, or even cash at closing. All this is above board and will be on the HUD or closing document. Your amount will be $499 + .0075 of the sale’s price. For example, on a $200,000 home, your Buyer Bonus would be $1999.00.

Exclusive Buyer Agency Contract — https://pdf.ac/6fleus       *Allows you to receive Buyer Bonus!