1) Sell your property and possibly pay NO commission. ** See #10

2) Tired of preparing your home to show each day? You determine when it is shown.

3) You determine the sale date and terms of the sale.

4) Targeted marketing for maximum exposure.

5) Sell your property with no “contingencies”.

6) Close in 30 days.

7) You determine the “reserve price” for the sale.

Force all interested buyers to bid at a certain time and against each other.

9) No more waiting on potential buyers to call for an appointment or bid when they are ready.

10) Sell your property using the power of the MLS. We encourage buyer agents to get involved. We offer a 3% commission to an agent who registers his client for your sale. **This will be paid by the Seller if buyers’ agent client buys the property. NO registered buyers’ agent = NO commission due!

11) What a change! You, the seller stays in charge of the selling of your property.

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